What is a phone history report?

IMEI Checkup is rapidly becoming one of the biggest providers of phone history information in the North America. We’ve established our business in 2015 and for 3 years we have helped thousands of phone shoppers to make the right choice and avoid wasting time and money on bad phones.

We patiently built our database cooperating with numerous partners which helped to build environment for safer phone trading. Our vision is to provide valuable information for both the sellers and the buyers which will finally change the used phone market for the better.

Numerous positive critics through the years and many regular customers are the result of our hard work and engagement.

Make an informed decision with IMEI Checkup

Professional Customer Service

Our Support Team is on your side 24/7. We look forward to hearing from you! Our 24/7 support team is available to assist you with any problem you may have in process of purchasing and after the purchase is complete.

Additional information on your phone condition

Check you kids phone or any phone you’ve already bought. Our detailed phone history report contains all the data you need to get complete insight on any phone in United States and Canada. Having that in mind, risk of getting bad phone, or being scammed is close to none.

Buying used phone?

Wondering if the phone you’re looking was stolen, blacklisted or have any problem in the past? Wonder no more, you have all that info and many more listed in our report. Buy without headaches