What is IMEI?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. Mostly phone have one IMEI number, but in dual SIM phones are two.

No two phones have the same IMEI, so it serves as your phone’s fingerprint – this allows for all reports of theft records, previous owners, insurance and contract records, and more to be tracked through each phone’s IMEI. Through imeicheckup.com, you can look up records associated with your IMEI instantly.

How to check IMEI?

The IMEI can be displayed on the screen of the phone by entering *#06# into the keypad on most phones. It can also be printed inside the battery compartment of the phone.

Why would I order a VIN report?

One in five phones has been stolen. A IMEI report lets you learn about your phone’s history. It includes checks for whether the phone has been stolen, had multiple owners, has been blocked by some network, as well as many other possible phone problem checks. Ordering a IMEI report before purchasing a phone allows you to catch potential problems and purchase with confidence.

Sell with ease, buy with confidence!

Sellers report selling their phones a lot faster with report than without it. Buyers want to know everything about phone they are buying and they don’t have time or the knowledge to inspect everything on their own. That’s why they are prioritizing sellers with reports. When buying a phone, report will save you lots of time and thinking and you won’t reevaluate your decision a single minute, because you’ll be 100% sure you made a good decision and buy good phone.