What is IMEI number?

IMEI is a unique 15 digit number assigned to your mobile phone. IMEI number as form of ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is used to identify mobile devices. Therefore all details related to your smartphone including blacklist status can be checked using the IMEI number.

Where can I find my device's IMEI number?

In order to locate IMEI, ESN or serial number you can use the following ways:

  • Dial *#06# and the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device
  • IMEI number must be printed on the original phone's packaging
  • IMEI and serial numbers are usually located on the back case, SIM card tray or inside the battery compartment of the phone

Why would I need a IMEI report?

A IMEI report lets you learn about your phone’s history. It includes checks for whether the phone has been stolen, blacklisted, had several owners, as well as many other possible problem checks. Ordering a IMEI report before purchasing a phone allows you to catch potential problems and purchase with confidence.

What type of information does ImeiCheckup provide?

Our IMEI checker supports all manufacturers and phone models. The main feature of our service is global IMEI blacklist check. Also you are able to find out additional important information about your device. Our reports might include some of the following information:

  • Global GSM/LTE network blocked Check
  • Multiple Registered Owners Check
  • Subject to an insurance claim Check
  • Police Records Check
  • Confirmation of make and model
  • AT&T Mobility Network Blocked Check
  • T-Mobile US Network Blocked Check
  • Sale Records Check
  • Theft & Recovery Check
  • Public Records Check
  • Stolen Phone Database
  • Owner History Check

Where does ImeiCheckup phone history data come from?

Information provided in a IMEI Checkup history report comes from private and public sources.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can contact us via our live chat (bottom right corner, contact us page, on email support@imeicheckup.com, Facebook and Instagram page. We will respond to you asap. We value your time and invest heavily in great customer support.

Can ImeiCheckup help me if I am a victim of used phone fraud?

ImeiCheckup is not a certified provider of legal advice nor does it offer legal assistance. however, we are happy to offer a free initial consultation with our legal partners to discuss your case and possible legal options in more detail.

What is your refund policy?

We have 30 days money back guarantee. Please contact us with your request, and we’ll issue you a refund.

I’ve typed wrong email address, what should I do?

Don’t worry. Just contact our support stuff and tell them your correct email address.

How does ImeiCheckup do to protect my information?

We do everything in our power to guarantee your safety when paying as well as when handling your personal details. Therefore, we use ImeiCheckup Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is encrypting all your personal details. ImeiCheckup has its own internal security system and is regularly performing safety checks.

Phone has been blacklisted but It doesn’t show on the report. What’s the deal with it?

In rare occasions Some events such some accidents are not always reported for various reasons. It’s mainly the case where phone owner wants to hide that fact from any future buyer. Although it’s a bad practice we as a company and our data providers can’t do much about it beside appealing to providers, manufacturer and insurance companies to report every event. Even tough, our reports are still the most accurate ones on the market.